December 13, 2014

Rusev V.S Lesnar

      WWE world heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, has been champion since August of 2014. He, of course, has never been defeated since beating the Undertaker and ending the phenom’s Wrestlemania win streak. Lesnar has only defended his title once, thus far, and is due for another defense pretty soon. As a matter of fact, he’s overdue for another WWE television appearance, but that’s another story. Actually, it might be a chapter in this story, because some would claim that Lesnar not being on TV has somewhat diminished the prestige of the championship.
      Then you have Rusev, the Russian super athlete, who is undefeated (AKA never pinned or submitted but has lost battle royals and tag matches) and is the current United States champion. Alongside his manager, Lana, he’s one of the most unstoppable (midcard) forces that the WWE has seen in a while. His anti-America gimmick may be over played, but isn't everything? His dominance has, in the eyes of many, raised the prestige of the United States championship as he seems to be becoming groomed to be a main event player.
So, the line of the story that I have presented, Rusev V.S Lesnar would DRAW MONEY.
      By draw money, I just mean this would draw interest and be borderline HYPE. Borderline HOT. This jawn would be the Bees knees on 4G. I’m not from Philly, so I probably don’t have enough cred to say jawn, but either way, this would be amazing. Of course with everything, it’ll be amazing if DONE RIGHT. Sure, I don’t know all of the intricacies of running a pro-wrestling company, but, doing it right might be too much to ask from the WWE at times. I’m not talking perfect, because that’s unobtainable for some people (*flips non-flippable hair*), I’m talking about being committed to a story and putting forth effort to MAKE IT GOOD. Prime example- WWE NXT in general. NXT is hot. Probably because it’s less focused on trying to sell a product as a opposed to Raw and Smackdown, but that’s what happens when money takes over. But, here’s the thing, often within entertainment, GOOD equals MONEY and this would draw money. So does formulaic, but that’s not what the timekeeper’s asking for.     
  • It's different. Sure, both men are heels and there’s no clear guy to root for, but that makes it all the better. We don’t need good V.S bad because bad V.S bad usually leads to someone ending up good. Someone will assume one of those roles natural, whether it be how they wrestle or be it the audience getting behind the individual that they like more. Heck, Jim Ross pitched this idea on his Podcast. Jim Ross is a genius who knows the business and had the same idea as me. Thus I know the business. A smart person and I had the same idea, thus I am obviously a genius. It’s simple geography people, I’m a genius.
  • The story makes sense. It’s not a deep story that you have to dig for (Wrestler X and Wrestler Y have been dropping hints throughout their careers as to why they must collide to align the planets before Wrestlemania) nor a simple one you see coming (wrestler A hate wrestler B because C). They have similarities, as i pointed out in the first two paragraphs. They’re both dominant champions and crossing paths, they believe that there needs to be one true champion. Or Rusev becomes #1 contender for Lesnar’s belt, or Lesnar is sick of Rusev dissing America, or Rusev wants to beat Lesnar to prove that his win streak is greater than the Undertaker’s. It’s there, it’s just a matter of how do we get there. I mean it’s simple, but it’s not just for no reason. Take for example, “Seven V.S Ten because Seven ate nine.” That is a pretty legitimate reason to beef though. No pun intended? In TEN did? Okay, I’ll stop.   
  • Their managers are just as, if not cooler than they. First, the English language is weird. Second, Paul Heyman is a verbal artist, a charismatic con man, a wordsmith, and poet may be taking it too far, but not that far. Heyman being Lesnar’s advocate and “mouthpiece” is and has always been great. Heyman can talk. He conveys a feeling of believability in his character and in Lesnar’s character. He’s great at what he does and if you like that kind of thing, he’s quite admirable. Admirable as well is Lana Kozlov. Wait, she doesn't have a last name… neither does Rusev anymore… or is that just his last name? Either way, having the rude but often true Lana verbally spar with Heyman would be great to hear and see. There could be backstage segments with the managers and their clients’ opposition which would add to the story.
  • The match would be great. Lesnar and Rusev are great wrestlers and together they would make peanut butter and jelly. Or Jimmy Johns and vodka (call it stereotypical if you want, but vodka is Russian). Seriously, I believe that this match would steal any modern day WWE payperview, if given time and if the storytelling is on point. Rusev and Lesnar would sell each other’s moves, use their  beautiful submissions, hit hard, and yell for no reason. They’re two big guys who can tear the house down. Or blow the roof off of the place, depending on what they want to do. Just imagine one of them going for a 450 splash. Hotness.
  • If they don't feud they should interact in ring. In my eyes, the company hasn't put enough emphasis on people wanting the title while Lesnar’s gone. I swear, we should be in the final and twenty first round of the World Martial arts tournament right now, having the winner face Lesnar at the Royal Rumble for the title and a few dragon balls. But, of course we just have Cena as the number one contender and no one really remembering that Lesnar’s champion. It’s annoying. It’s just entertainment and there are actual world issues, but it’s annoying. MAKE IT GOOD. Geez WWE. Most likely, Cena will beat Lesnar at the Rumble or Mania “tying” with Ric Flair at 16 world titles. But the worse option is… yes worse than Cena, having Roman “not ready” Regins win the title at Mania. Being ready is all relative in WWE, but Reigns shouldn't be the guy to beat Lesnar. Nor, Cena- he got annihilated by Brock at Summerslam. Sure, there are comebacks (Cena eating Spinach) and Lesnar could lose his “powers” (Lesnar not eating Jimmy Johns), but it should be someone else. Lesnar might leave WWE after Mania and we with that, we would have lost opportunities to see a lot of match ups. We never got Lesnar V.S Orton or Daniel Bryan. Lesnar and Ryabck would probably have a decent match up. Brock V.S my boy Jacks Swagger? So what's going to happen? Well, if we’re still going with the Reigns project, Cena doesn’t lose his #1 contention, and Lesnar’s leaving after Mania, here’s what I suggest: Have whoever Cena will feud with and or bury at Wrestlemania cost him his match at the Rumble against Lesnar. Reigns, (sigh) wins the Royal Rumble and defeats Lesnar at Wrestlemania and then Rollins cashes in his money in the bank. But before that dastardly debacle, WWE should dish out money to have Lesnar compete at elimination chamber in the eponymous match and have him win. But, he has all the people we (or maybe just I) want him to face. Ryback, Swagger, Rusev, Orton, and Bryan (if he’s healthy) or Sheamus would all fall to Lesnar inside the chamber. Or, if the PPV is cut this year, have the GM, whoever it maybe at the time (could it be Sting trying to get revenge for the Undertaker only to have Taker show up and claim that he doesn't want Sting’s help, causing them to have a match?), put Lesnar in a gauntlet match on Raw where he faces all of those men and beats them. Sure it might make the roster look weak, but it makes Lesnar look strong. But that of course, won’t be a thing.

Final thoughts: What should happen is- Rusev wins the Rumble (last eliminating Cesaro after an ironman performance), He beats Lesnar at Mania in an amazing contest. Rusev begins a reign of terror, Jack Swagger cuts that reign short, only to then have Rollins cash in on him. Rollins holds the belt and then this time next year Reigns will have probably have won the title from Rollins and the Authority will hopefully be back. Either way, the idea of Rusev V.s Lesnar will probably be better than the doubtful execution of Rusev V.S Lesnar. So let's just dream. But even though I wouldn't pay, I’d dish out money to see that match. It’s the idea that counts.

Thanks for reading and spending sometime with me! God bless you fine people and comment if you're into that "type" of thing.                       

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