December 11, 2014

Wait for the "New Day"

        So, what does one say about WWE’s newest faction “New Day?" Nothing new. A few months ago when Xavier woods gathered himself, Kofi Kingston, and Big E together in the ring on Raw, he told them that it was time for a change. "WHAT, A NEW FACTION?" Thought the fans who are actually interested in what happens on the show. But of course because all three of those men are black, everyone thought that their race had to be the reason they were uniting. Nation of domination version two, right? Well, as odd as it is to assume that they’re a new nation of domination despite there being no original members among them, many were right to think that race played a role. Earlier this year WWE was being criticized by a "magazine article writing guy" about never having a black WWE champion and always having minorities play or portray stereotypical and or stupid characters. Whether or not you consider the Rock to be black or not, that’s ultimately up to the Rock to decide. But, WWE does have a history of generally portraying minorities not as, what’s the word? … Not as great as white guys (save for the white southern cowboy gimmicks and what not)? Now, just to be clear, white guys (as well as everyone in the company) get stupid gimmicks all the time, but there are a lot more white guys than black guys that wrestle, and for the black guys who wrestle, the majority of them get saddled with lousy gimmicks. As do the females, the Asians, the Russians, the Brits, etc. The minorities get the majority of the stupid gimmicks. So, with this quasi-negative attention being on the WWE it’d make sense for them to address it, but, of course with the wrestlers and not in some cheap corporate statement or apology. However, after two weeks, Big E, Kofi, and Woods disappeared (faded to black?) and WWE dropped the whole thing. Sure, black people rising up is somewhat stereotypical, but it’s a "good stereotype" and it would've made sense. However, they’d probably be heels and as WWE often does with heels, they make them say the right things and fight for the right things, yet they’re the bad people. But, they can’t really work as faces unless there’s a heel general manger or authority, because then you have to take the stance that the WWE is racist. So, there were some understandable flaws, unlike with Laycool. But then….

      Vignettes for the New day began to air which featured Woods, Kingston, and Big E individually before a choir shucking and jiving and then testifying like a Baptist preacher. The slogan for this group was “a new day is coming.” So many fans thought: "WHAT THIS NONSENSE AGAIN?" Others, who just watch wrestling just because were like: "WOW THEY’RE COOL!" And there’s nothing wrong with that, you be a casual fan, don’t let anyone take that away from you. But, if you put the, dare I say logical, pieces together, then you’d be led to believe that they were tricking us into thinking that they would be happy-go-lucky black wrestlers aiming to entertain the white manna of the world, only to go against that and debut as a new progressive black faction aimed to take over WWE and what not. But WWE often defies logic. The new day debuted on Smackdown (and in 2014, debuting on Smackdown is not a good sign) on black Friday. They danced, shouted, wiped sweat from their heads, and basically did what the vignettes showed. Then the same thing on Raw (except this time they lost their match). Then the same thing on Smackdown. and then the same thing on the Raw before the TLC pa-per-view. Same. Not new. Would WWE really do this? They’re exaggerating the stereotypes TOO MUCH for it not to be a joke. This can’t be a serious gimmick. Los Matadores are different because they’re supposed to be a comedy team and mainly because there was no prior indication that they wanted to rise up and be taken seriously. If the New day just debuted with no back story, it’d just be another WWE gimmick and we’d laugh and call them stupid. See, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, and if a black man dances and testifies to a congregation with a wash rag in his hand, there’s nothing wrong with that, he’s just doing what he does. But the New day shouldn't be. Everything’s too ironic, from the name to the back story. Everything’s too exaggerated. It’s gotta be a joke. See, people get offended because they can’t find the humor in a joke or even tell that something’s a joke. However, I digress. But, this has got to be a joke. The new day HAS to be setting us up. So I believe hey’re still working us like they did in the vignettes. 

      I know having hope in the WWE to do the right thing is like having hope in the WWE to do the right thing, but, I still think that the New day are just pretending to be these goofy dancers, only to flip the script on us and usher in… wait, let me just say, bring a new day. See, they don’t need to take over the company and have Big E win the WWE world heavyweight championship holding it for 9 years, beating Sammartino’s reign, to validate this gimmick. All they need is the turn. All they need is the change. We need them to turn and say "we’re not like that." We need them to change and say "we can do anything." Change takes time people. I know it’s WWE and not some intricate drama, but look a little deeper, the New day could be a legitimate good gimmick in due time. Don’t judge it now, just wait for the turn, wait for the change.

      The turn’s not necessary (not necessarily a heel turn, but a turn from what they currently are), they could ride out this shucking and jiving gimmick for a long time, win titles, and claim that they were successful despite what the company told them to do in a shoot style promo (which would still be a turn in a sense). Or it could just fail, remain to be what it currently is, and we all collectively sigh waiting for the true new day in WWE (but then again it’s just wrestling, I mean, black people will still have basketball and hip hop Grammy awards right? Just basketball? Alright, cool.). So, looking at how the WWE doesn't typically plan to have long story lines nowadays, and if they do they just kind of pan out that way due to circumstances, if the New day doesn't change before, at, or a month after Wrestlemania 31 (dare I say by Summerslam?), don’t expect anything new from the new day.   

Thanks for reading and spending some time with me! God bless you fine people and comment if you're into that "type" of thing. 

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