November 16, 2014

Seven Questions from Smackdown (11/14/2014 episode)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- November 14, 2014
  • What team is going to win at Survivor Series? That’s an easy one, Team Ryback. Let’s face the facts, there’s only one team who’s good enough to win and that is the team of THE BIG GUY. Ryback rejected the Authority and John Cena’s offers to be on their respective teams. He’s gone rogue and now is only on team Ryback. Ryback is winning because everyone wanted Ryback, the most important people on the show wanted RYBACK. Usually people want tables, but they wanted Ryback. The big guy’s a big deal and is getting hyped like sliced bread in its heyday. The thing I like about Ryback’s push opposed to, say, Roman Regins’ is that Ryback’s attitude makes me laugh and no matter how clunky his matches are or how funny his promos sound, he entertains me. Or intrigues me at least. Reigns kind of makes me roll my eyes because he adds nothing to his character. But he’s not of importance right now, unlike THE BIG GUY.
  • Did Jericho or Triple H win that highlight reel exchange? Triple H and Stephanie being guests on the Highlight reel resulted in an argument between Y2J and Stephanie’s husband. Triple H downplayed Jericho and Fozzy’s only relevant member held his own against the boss. This is the "PG era" so Jericho couldn’t give his trademark comebacks/disses as he did in the attitude area, but he could have done better than this. I love a good comeback, and Jericho didn't go hard enough in his responses. But, I suppose he wanted to tread lightly so that he doesn't end up like Randy Orton, but when has logic ever factored into WWE story lines? Peak Jericho was 2008 Jericho, the best in the world at what he does Jericho. All of his face antics after that phenomenal run, seem forced to me and I can’t really believe them. I mean that’s a testament to how good his heel character was, but still, maybe Jericho’s just a better face when he has long Jerichoholic locks. So, to answer the question, Triple H won by default.
  • When’s Ambrose’s daddy coming home? Gosh, I wish I knew. Maybe Bray Wyatt could tell me since he knows everything. Or Michael Cole could tell me, since he interviews everyone before their matches. Dean Ambrose’s dad being interjected into the story adds emotion to the match, but it feels like WWE’s doing too much. Perhaps, it’s doing too little because there’s a story, but there’s no interest. Wyatt picking up a microphone and saying things that should make me think about stuff and revealing deep palm readings of his opponents’ lives doesn't interest the timekeeper... at least anymore. All of his feuds feel the same. This Ambrose and Wyatt feud is now just a Bray Wyatt feud. Power of his influence or a stigma? I don’t know, but Wyatt should be more engaging than he is. I watch his every move, but he doesn't make me pay attention. They’re both alleged crazy men, but one’s loved and the other one's AJ… I mean Bray Wyatt.
  • Is Ziggler more of a fighting champion than Rey Mysterio circa 2006? No. Rey had to put in work to keep his world title, WORK. But, Ziggler is defending his championship a lot and that’s good for my favorite Championship (people have favorite championships right? Well, they will now) and best for business. He defended the title against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in a lovely match. Tyson’s getting a nice mid-card push, so I suppose thanks are in order for Total Divas. But you know what I realized? Ziggler is betraying Cena or switching sides at Survivor Series. That’s my prediction as of now; Ziggler’s getting beat up every night, this will cause him to resent the never-helping-him-out John Cena, and he will align with the Authority. I'm calling it. 
  • What boy band sings Tyson Kidd’s theme song? They sound like they might have a future in some commercial jingles or something like that. I know I can just google it, but that takes the fun out of it. However, if that’s Jim Johnston singing, dude’s got some chimes.      
  • Is the Bunny and Adam Rose’s relationship unhealthy? I don’t think so. I don’t think its domestic violence or animal abuse, but I think the bunny needs to show some back bone. I know that when you’re a pushover, sometimes you can’t always do what you want to do, but the bunny can’t take anymore junk from Adam Rose. The bunny needs to stand up and be a man (no, that does not mean he has to reveal his human identity) and show Adam Rose who’s really the one that’s over. They don’t necessarily have to split, they could and should work things out, but the bunny and Adam Rose will have to fight. Honestly, if Roger Rabbit can get Jessica Rabbit, the Bunny can get some respect. Find out what it means to me. 
  • Did Sin Cara wear red and Yellow in hopes that it would help him get over like Hulk Hogan? Perhaps, it could just be because those two colors go together really well or he was trying to transform into a McDonald's franchise so that he could become extremely successful and draw millions of dollars. Or you know, he was trying to be Hogan. 

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