November 24, 2014



  • That’s Cena’s team? Yeah. It’s a good team… well a decent one considering who’s on the roster and the circumstances of the story. There’s nothing really wrong with his team, it’s just that after seeing Cena’s team be decimated and taken out, I expected him to replace his team entirely or it’d just be Cena and Ryback against Cena’s greatest rival, the odds. I mean, after Cena did his Stand up routine on Raw, the crowd chanted Ryback, and the teams were about to fight, I was waiting for some new guys to come out, but NO. We got limping Big Show (AKA regular Big Show), limping Ziggler (AKA regular Ziggler), and BLASTED Erick Rowan (AKA regular Erick Rowan). Did they expect him to get a pop? Either way, we all knew Ryback would run out and help Cena pop some caps, and I’m glad he did. Jokes aside, I felt Cena tonight, not like Nikki Bella, but I felt the passion in his voice tonight… not to say anything positive about Cena or anything. Okay now please excuse this following diatribe… Jack Swagger aligns with Cena and last week Seth Rollins hit his finisher on Swagger NORMALLY, not through cinder blocks. NORMALLY. Due to this Swagger is now out of the Survivor Series match. Okay. Every week, Ziggler’s getting beaten up and this week he gets DECIMATED by the Authority. Later THAT SAME NIGHT on Raw, he is healthy enough to help fight the Authority. WHY CAN”T SWAGGER BE IN THE MATCH? I’M SURE Swagger has a higher tolerance and threshold of pain. Call me redundant, but why can’t he be in the match? He was okay to be wrestling during WWE Mainevent, but not THE PAY PER VIEW A WEEK LATER? Let me calm down.
  • The Authority probably won’t lose since they recently got a logo right? Yup, that’s pretty much how I see it (As WWE Creative humor on also Twitter alluded to).
  • There’s probably going to be a lot of filler huh? Probably more than a jelly donut, but WWE probably thinks since so many of the matches are elimination (two or three) that that’ll fill time.


  • Why did Sting cost the Authority the tag team match? Well he needed a big enough story line to go along with his first WWE stint. No, we all know Sting is a “goody-goody” so he probably saw evil in the Authority and wanted to stop them from winning, because that’d be bad. Or he’s a Dolph Ziggler fan. Or he hates Triple H. Or he just so happened to be in town and wanted to interfere in a wrestling match- referees don’t really care who interferes anyway. Let’s be honest, this question is what the WWE wants to be looming around in our head until Raw, so we’ll have to tune in to Raw to see some long promos, pointless tag team matches, Larry the Cable Guy, and the build towards Sting becoming the GM of Raw for a few months until Undertaker shows up and Sting books a match for Wrestlemania between the both of them. Bonus points for Sting if he says Starcade-mania.
  • Why did Brie kiss AJ? According to what “people” have been saying (or typing), this kiss cost AJ her match against Nikki (I’m thinking ala Sheamus Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28), but I can’t speak on why because the stream that I was watching on… the WWE, um Network of course… you know the network… that I obviously watched it on because... where else could I watch it from… heh… yeah, the stream cut out and I got distracted watching the AMAS so I kind of missed this match. I don’t know why Brie used a kiss instead of like a slap or something, but I suppose Nikki told her to because it’d be kind of embarrassing? Who knows, but Ariana Grande was killing it!
  • So divas are suddenly not brittle anymore? You know that time from 2009 to maybe 2012 or early 2013 when Divas matches lasted for like two minutes and if they ever had an elimination tag match, they’d all get eliminated under five minutes or so? Yeah, I try not to either, but tonight nobody got eliminated until later on in the match. This was odd, I thought a lightly botched kick could eliminate any diva in three seconds? That’s weird WWE, it’s like something’s changed, is it something the Divas are eating? Is it caring? In any case, it’s cool to see the divas having longer matches that mean something-ish. When Layla came out I popped because I thought Lay-cool (she and Michelle Mccool) was coming out. They were the best thing during that 2009 to 2011 area. Oh, and of course Jack Swagger’s title reign. On the match itself, when it was down to Paige alone against the faces, I was hoping that she would be able to eliminate all four of her opponents and be the lone survivor, but Naomi had to ruin that, with her derriere.   
  • Why doesn't Roman Reigns have Charisma? Because a long time ago his ancestors could only choose one of his 800 cousins to have enough charisma to electrically power the earth and that cousin was Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.
  • When was the last time Bray Wyatt won? I think when he beat Sin Cara in a match on Smackdown, but I’m not sure if that’s much of a victory. See, apparently Wyatt doesn't need to win to be relevant, because wins and losses don’t matter to a lot of viewers as long as they’re entertained or something. I guess I can understand that logic since absolutely no one dislikes Cena for his amount of wins. I didn't really pay much attention to his match with Dean Ambrose, not because it was bad, because my stream was lagging, or because Ariana Grande was putting in work during the AMAS, but because Wyatt just... zzzzzz. I don’t know, when he comes out it’s like my interest cuts out just like his little video clip does right before he says (CHEAP POP) we’re here. Does he even say “we’re” anymore since he’s alone? I don’t know, it was a fine segment, but Wyatt, one of the most dynamic characters in some time, ironically needs to change something up.
  • Why isn't Survivor Series treated like a deal anymore? I don’t know. It is, but at the same time it isn't. It is treated like a big deal a little bit, because it always has at least one blockbuster match, but the event itself isn't treated like a “big four” event overall. They actually considered getting rid of survivor series at one point. Maybe it’s because WWE doesn't care about tag team wrestling that much anymore? I think it’ll stay around for historic and brand recognition reasons, but, it’s definitely not as loved as Summer Slam by the WWE. It’s on par with the Royal Rumble (and is usually a better show than RR, in my opinion), in terms of hype, but, the Rumble Match always makes the Royal Rumble feel like a big event, when it’s usually just an episode of Raw with one pay-per-view quality match and a fancy battle royal tacked on the end. Hopefully the Series will survive.
  • Will John Cena Feud with the Big Show again? If you ask a question involving John Cena and something you don’t want to happen on the show, it’ll happen. But, one day it won’t, just never give up.         

  • Naomi swearing she was a boss after eliminating Cameron.
  • Stardust’s face paint and ring gear being on point.
  • Big Show surpassing Kane for most Heel or Face turns, with 523.
  • Heath Slater Saying Adam Rose’s bunny was "Carrot-matic".
  • Mr. McMahon’s opening promo.
  • The audience in St. Louis being WEAK.
  • Triple H beating the referee.
  • The surprise of Cena being eliminated.


  • Dolph Ziggler. The five on five team Cena V.S team Authority match was probably the best match of the night by default, but, the match as a whole didn't really steal the show. But, Ziggler, he stole the show. He had his moment… which means in a month he’ll be jobbing again.

Thanks for reading and spending some time with me! God bless you fine people, and comment if you’re into that “type” of thing.

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