May 16, 2015

Notes From a WWE Live Event: Upstate New York Show

I realize blog thingys can sometime be annoying because often it's a person writing about a place they went and try to juice up their personal experience to give you a reason to read it. So keeping with tradition, I'll be doing that. The Timekeeper attended a WWE LIVE event in the less than lovely city of Rochester New York. (The last name of the city's mayor is literally Lovely so there was a slight pun to be had). The Timekeeper attended this event in March 2015, part of the "Road to Wrestlemania tour" so it occurred before Wrestlemania 31. Nonetheless, let's review the show because WWE's always interesting live... supposedly.
  • So first things first: Eden was DIMING. All Rhodes lead to Eden. Aside from the fashionable ring announcer yelling ARE YOU READY ROCHEST-A?! We got a recorded video of Triple H telling the audience about what we’d see in tonight’s proceedings. Thanks Triple H, I wasn’t sure whether we were getting curling match or not. 
Dean Ambrose V.S Wade Barrett
  • Dean Ambrose came out to what I'm calling an fairly loud pop. One can guess that the first wrestler to come out at an event usually gets a loud pop. 
  • Barrett got good heat. If anyone was ever in shape it’s that muscular peg in the squared circle, Wade Barrett, because he looks NICE. 
  • Barrett would make a good villain in an action based Saturday morning Cartoon. Or late night cartoon, if you prefer that
  • Ambrose won. 
  • It was a textbook match, nothing special, but that's what one should expect at a “house show”. 
The Bella Twins V.S AJ and Natalya.
  • People stood up for the Bellas. They got a great reaction
  • Total Divas and their quasi-celebrity status may be responsible for more people caring about and or liking the Bellas (and the adverse effect on some fans probably).
  • Natalya received a below average pop which is a shame because her theme's so pop-able in my opinion.
  • AJ got a loud reaction, not sure whether it was better than the Bellas, but AJ is clearly a star. However, I wonder how loud the reactions would be if the division was actually "given a chance". 
  • Poor Natalya. Just in general.
  • AJ got the win making one of the Bellas tap out. 
  • I wanted Paige, dang it.
  • Gracias AJ
Luke Harper V.S Dolph Ziggler
  • Harper was in his hometown, but only garnered an average pop. The gentleman is pretty tall.
  • Ziggler's pop was above average, but not all that. Kind of like...Dolph...ins. Dolphins.
  • This was a Raw quality match. Ziggler got the victory, but Harper got the last say because he kicked the show-off in the face after the match. 
Kane V.S Daniel Bryan
  • Poor Kane, he’s been taken for granted for so long that no one reacts to him.
  • Daniel Bryan got the loudest pop thus far (only Cena out-popped him).
  • Hearing everyone yessing is such an odd experience. Trance-like. 
  • Another Raw quality match. As in the wrestling show not the adjective.
  • Wouldn’t write home about this match, but a blog might suffice.
  • Daniel Bryan won.
  • Black Ref left and went backstage to switch with another referee. I wonder if it was THE Black Ref. I think it was. Respect.
Miz and Mizdow V.S Curtis Axel and Adam Rose V.S The Prime-time Players
  • Mizdow didn't really get an initial entrance pop, but he was getting crazy loud chants.
  • Miz grabbed a microphone and addressed the audience. He handed Mizdow a chair and told him to set it up in the corner. Behind Miz’s back Mizdow hesitated to hit the Miz with the chair. The audience liked that. Then Curtis Axel interrupted the Miz. Axel introduced his partner- Adam Rose. The “Rosebuds” showed up as well, I wasn't expecting that, but it’s good that some local independent wrestlers got to dress up and fake dance at a WWE event. 
  • The Prime-time Players were over, there initial reaction wasn’t all that, but people were into them. 
  • We get it guys, you want Mizdow.
  • Axel and Rose surprisingly got the victory. Then they beat everyone up and hulked up. Eden did a Hogan pose and they made the referee do one too. 
  • This was personally the Timekeeper's favorite part of the show. I’m beginning to think that if you see something like Adam Rose’s Bunny do something stupid live you'd probably enjoy it because there’s a different feel live. But one tends to dislike these types of segments on the telly because watching 3 hours of Raw feels like competing in a triathlon. 
Rusev vs Ryback
  • Lana cut a little promo and the audience responded by chanting USA. Bet you couldn't have guess that, right? 
  • Rusev got the most heat of the night.
  • Feed me more received an average pop. I mean, Ryback received an average pop.
  • This match ended in a DQ when something happened that caused a disqualification. Apathy folks. 
  • This was probably the least interesting match of the night. Thanks Ryback.
Seth Rollins V.S John Cena (Rochester Street fight)
  • Rollins received an average heel reaction with J&J security by his side. 
  • I was mostly excited to see Jamie Noble. 
  • You already know what kind of reaction Cena got. He was cheered more than booed however. He's an undeniable star. Ugh.  
  • Both competitors kicked out of the other’s finisher.
  • Cena attempted to set up a table and one of the legs broke off and he used the leg as a weapon. "Vintage improvisation by the multiple time World Champion"- Cole.
  • There's not enough snow and too much entertainment in this match for it to be a Rochester Street fight.  
  • This match was Pay-per-view quality… or WWE Network special quality if that’s what we’re supposed say.
      The Audience V.S Not getting out of the parking lot early
  • Why can't you guys just relax? Come on, you paid to watch this, don’t you want to see the ending? What’s that? Oh you know Cena will win? How do you know? Maybe he won’t. 
  • Cena won delivering an attitude adjustment to Rollins from the top rope through a table. 
  • Carry on.  
Live events apparently are better than most episodes of WWE Mainevent. One appreciates the WWE roster even more for giving their all and putting on a great non-televised show for people trying to take illegible pictures and blurry videos. Even if some parts are just dress rehearsals for bigger shows. I'm blessed that I got to attend the show and the Timekeeper recommends going to a WWE Live event (like my recommendation is going to persuade you if you already like pro-wrestling). However, try to get one where Jack Swagger's on the match card, because he's the best in the game today.  

POP of the night: Well Cena. Ugh. 

Best match of the night: Rollins V.S Cena. Ugh. 

Thanks for reading and spending some time with me! God bless you fine people and comment if you're into that "type" of thing.

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